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Light: Salisbury Cathedral


LIGHT: Salisbury and Cologne

Gothic architecture usually have large windows possible, the light has been an important element in church design. Light is also treated it as it were a building material like wood or stone. The light which fills the sanctuary should not purely artificial. Light has symbolic value of its own. They stand as a reminder that the God we worship is the Creator of all things.Light becomes a major element during the dark ages and religious struggle

Both Cathedrals have lots windows, which provide a lot of natural light into the space. But cologne cathedral have narrower windows compare to Salisbury, and narrow windows bring the light into the deeper side of the space

The form / floor plan
The shapes of the building also have influences on the lighting. The shape of the Salisbury is more straight and narrow and the shape of the Cologne Cathedral is more cross shaped, which gets more lights with two side walls.

Orientation and the landscape of the building
Salisbury cathedral is facing south which would get sunshine all day. Furthermore, landscape would also have effect on the lighting. Cologne is surrounded with buildings and Salisbury is surrounded the landscape

Town: Salisbury and Amiens

In Medieval time, religious activity was so important and it had to be center. By natural, Salisbury was center of town and houses or villages were developed. Religious people want to have distinguished between God area and human being, the ground around the church was consecrated so that they had Cathedral site center of city or village and spread out from there.
Amiens Cathedral was built in middle of village. The city was already existed and Catholic wanted to be a part of city that made people believe God. They wanted to make church more accessible o spread out their religious spirit and break down boundary between people and religion. For this reason, Cathedral had to accommodate people and provide amenities at construction.

Impression: Salisbury and Florence

Florence cathedral emphasis on the horizontal elements of the design, and the building rests firmly and massively on the ground Simple, geometric volumes. It looks clearly and shows no tendency to merge either into each other or into the sky. The dome, it might seem to be rising because of its ogival part, which makes feel the building is statelier. On the other hand, Salisbury cathedral was built gothic style with vertical bar and arched windows that make building delicate and elegant. Lots of windows allow sunshine inside and it shines and reflects inner bright.


The important factor of ancient domestic Medieval Architecture-Interior was one large chamber. The chamber wall was an important feature in every building. It occupied the whole of the central part of the house, sometimes from the ground to the roof. Windows of the hall are considerable size, with pointed arches, and divided into two lights by a frame. The walls of the hall were covered with panel in the lower parts, and the upper parts were decorated with paintings and many of the windows were glazed.
In this picture, woman works in the kitchen, usually, the kitchen was a detached building, either of a square or rectangular form, connected with the hall by alley leading from the screens. The kitchen was on the ground floor, and as distinct as possible from the other buildings because of the security measure against fire.

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