Wednesday, November 10, 2010

alternatives summary

Kathryn Frye
Cassandra Bradfield
Leslie Canipe

Katheryn speculated about the renaissance period. She approached to private house throught the structural analsis. She states the Renaissance shifts from public sphere to private and turning the home into the hearth rather than a significant public building such as the Pantheon. So people can have elegance, entertainment, and beauty aspects, which make the house the sanctuary and not other public forms.
She described the ways of the renaissance that everything was fit into the rule and the rule was based on function and balance.

Cassandra also believed that "Man became the measure of all things" and the “rebirth” of classicism known as the renaissance arose. She stated throughout the Renaissance we can see a marriage of past principals given new light such as the basic stacking and layering of arches and columns to develop new ways of thinking about old ideals. Her opinion was the Renaissance architecture was a simple arrangement of, circle, square, and rectilinear forms used in ancient times expressed in mathematical proportion

Leslie approached this unit with Gothic and the Renaissance movement. She says within a single building the entire universe must be expressed. The strategies become an important factor to consider while people see that the Gothic world puts much concentration on verticality, de-materialization, and the story telling potential through glass. Also, There is an intent to create new tradition for all as we move into an era where man is the measure of all things. She thinks this idea is today's principles of design.

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