Wednesday, November 10, 2010

reflections summary

Kacie Leisure
Austin Loman
Abigail Buchanan

Kacie explained about the gothic revival with specific details such as the gothic art, characteristics of the gothic style. Also,she pointed out the eastern influence on the west with design language. On her four aspects of design, She dealt with these western designs were an "escape" of what they were used to. Patterns on plates and bowls became used on western carpets and fabric.She ties all these influences to the Royal Pavilion building in England.

Abigail thinks that people continue throughout time reflecting design languages of the past and reviving them. All different sections of time were all revolutions in themselves, yet each movement still echoed reflections of past designs. She described emotion, drama, fluidity, rich ornamentation, applied surface decoration, layering, repetition, elegance, harmony, geometry, extravagance and emphasis as the Baroque style. Also, She continues to American colonial period, the style was based on Greek origin and State capitols all over America similarly were reflective of Greek revival. I agree with her opinion that all different periods of time together is that all revolutions end up turning to what they know which is classical Greek and roman architecture.

He approached this unit through the chronogical history. He thinks the crystal palace break from a holistic design style as seen in the baroque period and begin to see structures in which the shell and the objects contained with in the shell speak two very different languages. Then he gave another example of England and France's design style that fusion of western and eastern such as India, China and Japanese. Those countries effect design changing to furniture, building or space.

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